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Whatever your requirements, we provide Professional, Impartial and Confidential minute taking services

Video Conference & Virtual Meetings

With video conferencing applications making it so accessible to conduct business regardless of the geographical spread of your team. Virtual meetings provide an effective method for keeping teams/projects and business actions on track.

However, the need for recording virtual meetings are just as critical as with face to face meetings, but there are limitations with relying on a video recording. It is difficult to identify a key discussion point or action without knowing the exact time it was discussed without watching the full recording. But with written minutes, you have a concise and quick reference document saving you time and money.

HR Meetings

HR meetings can contain sensitive and confidential details. Which means outsourcing your minute taking support will ensure the minutes are unbiased, accurate and factual, and removes any concern regarding the origin of the written record of the meeting.

An outsourced minute taker will not have a direct relationship to those person(s) involved, which provides peace of mind and a level of comfort, that you will receive an impartial, neutral and balanced record of the meeting, which will support an open environment for discussion. 

Business Meetings

There are thousands of business meetings, taking place every day.

But to have a constructive and worthwhile meeting, you need to be able to remember and refer to what was agreed and discussed.

This is why outsourced minute taking services can be invaluable. Using a minute taker enables all attendees to concentrate on the meeting at hand, while the minute taker focuses on recording what is being said and agreed. In turn, this allows you the time to ensure that the discussions taking place are purposeful, and productive, while we focus on capturing all the detail, actions and accountability to drive your businesses forward.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are a place where so many important and strategic decisions are made, alongside ensuring legal obligations are fulfilled. Therefore, depicting these important discussions are vital, but due to the prominent nature of the meetings, having a minute taker present to capture these meetings with accuracy are invaluable. It also removes the need for someone within the business to be asked to attend, who could be perceived as having bias or perhaps a member of the board meeting being expected to juggle being part of the meeting and recording minutes, which for this type of meeting, could be considered inappropriate and a conflict of interest.

Sports & Charities

There can be a lot of governance around charities, social enterprise, committees and not for profit organisations. Governing bodies often state the obligations of the meetings and the requirements for recording them.  The expectation is usually for the record of the meeting to be in written form, as audio or video is not acceptable.

This is where using a minute taker provides peace of mind, knowing you have an experienced minute taker to capture all the elements and topics of discussion during the meeting to comply with the governing bodies.

OaSIS Minute taking

About Us

Oasis Minute Taking – is the creation of Heidi May. With more than 12 years of experience in minute taking, executive PA support, virtual administration and office management she has a wealth of knowledge to apply to any industry or business.


At Oasis Minute Taking we are here to provide professional meeting support for businesses and organisations regardless of size or industry.

Our mission is to help enable your meetings to be as productive and efficient as possible, by ensuring all the important discussions, topics and actions are captured. This will be translated into a detailed, comprehensive and concise document of minutes. You can be assured they are an accurate record which will support your business operations and activities at every level from a senior board, to day operational activities. 

You can enjoy consistency with a dedicated bookings coordinator and minute taker so you know your business information and discussions are being managed with the utmost confidentiality.

We pride ourselves in being the preferred minute taking provider for the charity and not for profit sector.

We offer discounted rates for the not for profit sector and are proud to have a team of minute takers with charity governance and compliance experience.

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"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs


To be the first minute taking service provider a client thinks of to fulfill their meeting needs. 

To provide the highest level of customer service and professionalism within our industry.