Do you want to create minutes from a recorded meeting?

Audio Transcription

Do you record your virtual meetings?

Many organisations are conducting virtual meetings, using systems such as MSTeams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, among many others, but have you been relying on the recording as the only record to refer back to post-meeting and finding this is becoming inefficient and time consuming for everyone and that actions or decisions are missed, or not picked up and taken forward?

Virtual meetings are a highly effective way to conduct meetings but the issue that has arisen is how do you create a comprehensive, and structured record of the meeting, which removes the need to watch the full recording again.

There is so much information discussed during meetings it is vital that this is captured in a well-structured manner that does not rely on the memory of those attendees. Minimising the chance that people may not take away the correct information, actions that they are accountable for, or need to follow up on.

By creating minutes from a recorded meeting you can produce a concise record, which follows the agenda of your meeting, for all those who need to be aware of what took place, whether they were able to attend or not via an easy-to-read document.

Relying solely on the recordings can create a lengthy and arduous task when trying to locate specific discussions of a meeting as there is no quick and simple record of what took place during the meeting.

But there is a way you can get minutes from a recorded meeting.

If you require a concise and accurate set of minutes from your recorded meeting, then why not try our service where we can creae a professional and accurate set of minutes from your video recording.

Perhaps you have tried the transcription functionality within your virtual meeting software but found this can only provide you with a direct transcript, which is verbatim style (word for word) of what was spoken in the meeting, in one continuous dialogue, with no formatting or reference to the structure or agenda of the meeting but not a comprehensive and easy to read concise record.

A good guide on the expected length of a transcript for a meeting is as follows:

  • For a 1 hour meeting, which would normally produce 40 – 50 pages of transcript.
  • For a 2 hour meeting, you can expect 90-100 pages.

The more attendees the greater the number of pages, due to more discussions taking place.

Saving you time and money

Without a record of your meeting, you may find that the intention and goals are not achieved, due to a lack of accountability or clarity, so it can be vital for organisations to ensure everyone involved is aware of and has a single record of what was agreed upon.

Minutes of your meeting is a professional and comprehensive record of your meeting, which is structured to reflect the agenda and purpose of the meeting. Whereas a transcript is a continuous document.

Minutes are a recognized accurate written record for governance and compliance and it is a professional summary of the discussions, decisions, motions, and actions agreed.

Even better is this service is more cost-effective than our standard minute-taking service, as there is no requirement for a minute taker to be in attendance at a specific date and time.

A good guide on the expected length of a transcript for a meeting is as follows:

  • For a 1 hour meeting on average would be 6-8 pages
  • For a 2 hour meeting on average would be 10 – 12 pages.

You will clearly see key decisions and actions agreed upon throughout the document.

With Oasis Minute Taking Ltd, regardless of whether we are producing a set of minutes from a recording, or from joining your meeting (virtually or in-person) your minutes are produced by the same team of minute takers.

Where possible we assign a single or team of minute takers to a client, depending on the number of recordings we receive.

If you have any further questions or would like to find out more, please get in touch.