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Virtual Minutes

Virtual Minutes

Virtual Meetings

Virtual Minutes are a solution for businesses to continue to provide a comprehensive record of their remote meetings. 

With video conferencing applications making it so accessible to conduct business regardless of the geographical spread of your team. Virtual meetings provide an effective method for keeping teams/projects and business actions on track.

Virtual Minutes

Connecting those dots.

However, the need for recording virtual meetings are just as important as with a face to face meetings, but there are limitations with relying on a video recording. It is difficult to identify a key discussion point or action without knowing the exact time it was discussed or watching the full recording. But with written minutes, it provides a concise and quick reference document saving time and money.

With an increasing number of companies who are adopting innovative applications to support their channels of communication and streaming their operations. Video conferencing, teleconferencing and other types of virtual communication are growing in popularity. In this digital era, it’s no longer necessary to travel long distances hold meetings, share ideas and make decisions.  

Therefore, to meet these needs we have a team of virtual minute takers ready to support your meetings.

Using our virtual minute taking services, means you will  have a professional and experienced minute taker attending your meeting remotely to provide you with detailed and comprehensive record of your meeting,  which in turn will support the effectiveness of your business meetings

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