Benefits of Meeting minutes


Whether your meeting is taking place in person or virtually online you can still have minutes for a virtual meeting, because minutes are a formal written record of a virtual meeting.

The benefit of Virtual Meetings is that, unlike physical meetings where everyone comes together in a single location, so you need to coordinate a lot of individual diaries and ensure a minute taker is available, if you are conducting it virtually you can have greater flexibility in people availability, and also you do not have to have a minute taker at the actual time the meeting is taking place. So minutes for a virtual meeting can be produced either during the meeting or after the fact if the meeting is recorded. A virtual meeting is hosted online via platforms such as Zoom, MSTeams, Google Meet, or GoToMeeting to name a few. GoTo Meeting

Virtual meetings promote greater efficiencies in the way a meeting can take place, but also virtual meetings allow for easier engagement, flexibility, and greater time optimisation, to name just a few.

One of the key benefits and differences between a in-person meeting at your office and a virtual meeting is that you can record a Virtual meeting. This means that not only do you have the option to have a visual recording, but you can have a professional and comprehensive set of minutes created from the virtual meeting.

This is particularly useful if your meetings take place outside of standard working hours, or is particularly long or very complex.

With recording your meeting you can still benefit from a very comprehensive and professional set of minutes for a virtual meeting as the minute taker can pause and re-start the recording to ensure an accurate account is provided.

Benefits of Creating Minutes for a virtual meeting

There are many benefits for creating minutes for a Virtual meeting, as you do not have to have a person attending in person as if you are running it virtually you are likely to be recording it, and you can create a set of minutes from the recording rather have someone have to sit in.

People often say that during a Virtual Meeting it can be hard to maintain focus, they may suffer from “zoom fatigue”, or there may be some technical problems so some people may miss items. But when minutes for a virtual meeting are created from a recording, you have less cause for concern as you can stop and re-listen.

With the amount of information that is often discussed, it can be hard to summarise all the key points, but when creating minutes from a virtual meeting recording, you do not have to worry about missing another discussion.

Minutes for a virtual meeting 1

Why not just use the recording as a record of the meeting

The difficulty with solely relying on a recording as your single record of the meeting is that you do not have a quick and straightforward way to locate the decisions and actions agreed. A person would be required to re-watch and fast forward their way through the recording and try and guesstimate when and what time a particular point in time a specific item was discussed and decision taken. It can waste a lot of time and is very inefficient. Whereas a set of minutes for a virtual meeting will identify and capture the relevant and pertinent discussions, decisions, and actions.

Also creating minutes from a recording is more cost-effective than paying for someone’s time to attend in person, their time required to type up afterwards and then further questions to clarify any missed information.

Also when creating minutes for a virtual meeting that was recording, If there are people with strong accents or soft-spoken, this is often less of an issue on a recording as the recording can be paused and rewound, the sound can be adjusted for the minute taker to ensure all important points raised are captured.

There are other indirect benefits of meeting virtually including being more environmentally friendly and supporting climate change. For example whilst no one needs to drive to a meeting and can attend from the comfort of their own homes or home office this lowers the carbon footprint.

Providing a set of minutes for a virtual meeting saves a lot of time for those who attended and those who need to understand what took place at the minute, without having to watch an entire recording.

The most important thing is that everyone in the meeting can focus on the meeting itself and no one needs to be distracted with trying to capture notes to be turned into minutes.

At Oasis Minute Taking we have a team of professional minute takers with experience and knowledge from an array of industries and sectors. We support all types of meetings, from HR disciplinary meetings, Board Meetings, Committee meetings,s and many more. We are proud to specialize in the not for profit sector.

Our prices for producing minutes from a recorded virtual meeting start from as little as £75.

It is a hugely cost-effective option for your organisation.

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